Le Imposter Atelier, is a multidisciplinary art & film studio that serves as a hub for artistic experimentation and collaboration. Led by nina (andre), a visual artist, filmmaker, and cultural worker, the atelier is open to a diverse audience, including artists, performers, filmmakers, professors, academics, and the general public. Whether in-person or online, the atelier offers a range of activities, services, and an intermittent newsletter.

Based in Zurich (sometimes itinerant )

With a background in Performing Arts, Film, and Fine Arts, coupled with experience as a practicing artist, workshop creator, and instructor, I have immersed individuals in transformative experiences spanning filmmaking, creative writing, acting, corporeal expression, visual arts, and aesthetics. My international roles as a cultural worker, instructor, social media content creator, and magazine editor reflect my multifaceted professional experience. With experience as a filmmaker, dancer, columnist, actress, and workshop coordinator, I've shared and designed workshops independently in Switzerland, Spain, Germany, and Canada, among others.

Throughout my career, I've done artistic research and worked in diverse mediums such as poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and multidisciplinary exhibitions encompassing film, video, photography, painting, drawing, and installations. My workshops and projects reflect my dedication to creating spaces for exploring new creative forms as well as fostering discussions about the arts and the journey of creation and creativity.

nina (andre)

Photography courtesy of Yohan J Kim